Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blood blood! I'll try not to get too technical.

When my Specialist told me that I tested positive for 4g4g polymorphism of the pai 1 gene, he got blank stares in return, and if I was to guess when he realized this was my issue, he gave the lab results the same blank stares because he doesn't seem to know a whole lot about it.  It isn't rare, but its just not commonly heard of, as in it has only just begun its revelations in the scientific world. There isn't much data about it and when I googled it I got a lot of Mumbo jumbo that I couldn't really decipher. 

I do remember this from my "blank stare" conversation with the specialist; THROMBOSIS.. Thrombosis is  defined by as : intravascular coagulation of the blood in any part of the circulatory systemas in the heart, arteriesveins, or capillaries.  And if it helps intravascular is "within the blood vessels."  And Coagulation is defined as "to change from a fluid into a thickened mass; curdle;congeal:"   So if you add all of that together Thrombosis is a clotting of the blood inside of the veins.

*Stay with me here*

Since I didn't get a lot from googling "4g4g polymorphism of the pa1 gene" I just googled Pa1 gene.  Basically this is the gene (located on the 7th chromosome for the record)  That releases a substance in your blood referred to as Tissue plasminogen activator  or "tPA". tPA is a protein directly responsible for breaking down blood clots. tPA is commonly used in clinical medicine to treat only embolic or thrombotic stroke.(*Source wikipedia)

Now 4g5g polymorphism is more commonly known and it referred to in this wiki article . But it doesn't mention the 4g4g specifically.  LIke I said 4g4g is more newly unearthed..  From what I gather (read: I am not a Doctor so who cares what I say, this is just what I understand from reading)  4g5g decreases clotting capabilities in your body 4g4g increases your clotting capabilities. 

I don't know what the normal #g#g is, or if there is no normal, you're just one or the other.  I do know this I have 4g4g blabbity blabbity, and therefore I am more likely to clot, which having eliminated every other blood clotting disorder we can only conclude this is what is responsible for my 3 lost babies, and is responsible for my slow growing (IUGR) baby that I am carrying now. *sigh*   

I think I got a little more technical than I intended, but like I've said my goal is for someone to type in 4g4g and get a real explanation.  I know I didn't and I've been dealing with the realization that I know *nothing* for 4 weeks.  I feel a little more informed and hopefully, if you googled and got me, you feel more informed too!

My hope is, in the end, I can say "I have this, and it stinks, but I took the blood thinners and my baby made it.. So even if they tell you there "may be no hope", there is."

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